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Mark Greenberg


Welcome!  Monteverdi Fine Art is in fact me, Mark Greenberg. Years ago when studying art history in Florence, a friend suggested to me that while in Italy, my name can be loosely translated to Marco Monteverdi. She called me this and thus my alter ego was born.

Here you'll find examples of my work as a painter - both copies and original compositions.  Also you will see some of my work as a paintings conservator. I have always had a fascination with old paintings and have made it my life's work to understand them from a technical and creative point of view. In my own paintings I try to use methods and materials that were used in traditional European painting from the 16th through the 19th centuries.

When I was 15 years old - long before the ease of internet searches -  I discovered old master paintings from library books. I was fascinated by these foreign images. How were these strange paintings of people in funny costumes made? Gods, landscapes, biblical scenes, portraits - all were equally interesting to me. What did they signify? How is it that a dead fish could be portrayed beautifully?  How were fictional and historical characters conjured out of smears of colored paint? Seeing actual paintings at New York's Metropolitan Museum only deepened the mystery. The very paintings themselves were in front of me and yet, despite close inspection, the answers were elusive.  I read what few books were available and with a student grade set of oil paints, attempted a copy. I've been reading and copying ever since. I've even found my own voice as a painter along the way.

I am available for commissions and most of the pictures on this site are for sale. Please contact me for prices and availability. I am also available for conservation work. If you have a painting that needs care, I am happy to advise - don't hesitate to reach out!


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